29 August 2000


Women journalists from Burundi, Kyrgyzstan and the United Kingdom have been awarded the 2000 Courage in Journalism Awards by the International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF). The awards recognise women who have risked "their lives and livelihoods in pursuit of journalistic integrity," and for their contributions to a free press worldwide. A journalist for Studio Ijambo in Burundi, Agnes Nindorera reports on the Burundian civil war for Voice of America and Agence France Presse, says the IWMF. Zamira Sydykova, editor-in-chief of the independent "Res Publica" in Kyrgyzstan has suffered harassment and imprisonment for publishing stories critical of the government. Marie Colvin, a reporter for "The Sunday Times" in the UK, risked her life this year through her courageous reporting on conflicts in Kosovo, East Timor and Chechnya. "Because these three journalists have placed themselves in harm's way, the world's readers, viewers and listeners are better informed, wiser and less vulnerable to complacency," says the IWMF.

In addition, the IWMF awarded its 2000 Lifetime Achievement Award to distinguished U.S. journalist Flora Lewis, whose foreign affairs reporting spans from World War II to the post-Cold War world. The awards will be presented to the recipients in ceremonies in New York on 10 October 10, in Washington, D.C. on 16 October, and in Los Angeles on 19 October. For further information, or for short biographies of the Courage in Journalism Award winners, contact Kathleen Currie at IWMF (202) 496-1992; E-mail: