13 August 2003

APC Launches Lobbying Guide for Information Society Summit

For civil society organisations involved in Internet Communication Technologies (ICT) development, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) presents an opportunity to open up debates on policy issues on both the world stage and on national levels, says the Association for Progressive Communications (APC).

APC has just published a guide to help organisations lobby governments on ICT policy issues and initiate national consultations around the WSIS. APC says the purpose of the guide is to encourage civil society organisations to develop skills and experience in policy lobbying.

"By engaging in the issues outlined at the WSIS, civil society organisations can begin to articulate positions and gain valuable experience in lobbying that can be taken back to their home countries," says APC.

The UN-sponsored WSIS is being held in Geneva, Switzerland, in December 2003. Its aim is to bring heads-of-state from around the world to launch a global framework for confronting the challenges of the information society.

APC's guide is available online at: http://rights.apc.org/nationalfaq_wsis_v1.pdf
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