27 May 2008


Each year hundreds of journalists are attacked, imprisoned or threatened for exposing uncomfortable truths, shining a light on systemic corruption, or providing accountability in developing societies. The Global Investigative Journalism network is recognising these courageous investigative journalists with the second annual Global Shining Light Award. Send in your nominations now - the deadline is 15 June 2008.

The US$1,000 award honours investigative journalism in a developing country or a country in transition, which was reported under threat, duress or in dire conditions. The journalist, journalism team and/or media outlet must provide independent, investigative reporting broadcast or published between 1 January and 31 December 2007.

The lucky winner will be presented with the award at Global Investigative Journalism's 2008 conference in Lillehammer, Norway this September.

Submissions (including a nomination letter and a copy of the published or broadcast material with an English translation) should be mailed to: Bibiana Dahle Piene, c/o The Norwegian Journalism Union, P.O. Box 8793 Youngstorget, 0028 Oslo, Norway.

For more details and contest rules, see: http://www.gijc2008.no/awards/143
(27 May 2008)