10 June 2008


A Palestinian journalist who tackled the fallout between Fatah and Hamas and a Lebanese student who wrote about the difficult path of modernisation in his country are this year's winners of the Samir Kassir Award for Freedom of the Press.

Naela Khalil of Palestine won the 15,000 Euro (US$23,200) Journalist award. Her article "Palestinians pay the price of hatred", published in March on the Arab Media Internet Network website, looks at how the conflict between Fatah and Hamas helped to legitimise the use of political detentions.

Marwan Harb, a student at St. Joseph University in Beirut, won the 10,000 Euro (US$15,500) Young Researcher award for his thesis, "The Shehabism or the limits of a political modernisation experience in Lebanon", presented in 2007.

The annual Kassir awards, created to honour a Lebanese-born Palestinian journalist who was killed by a car bomb in Beirut three years ago, are funded by the European Commission delegation to Lebanon and are granted for work dealing with the rule of law or freedom of the press. This year the award was open to nationals from 18 countries.

Read Khalil's article and Harb's thesis at: http://www.prixsamirkassir.org
(10 June 2008)