8 February 2002


Newspaper and its publisher receive death threats

Incident details

Ylli Rakipi

death threat

(IPI/IFEX) - In an 8 February 2002 letter to President Rexhep Meidani, IPI and its affiliate, the South East European Media Organisation (SEEMO), expressed their deep concern over recent
threats made against the newspaper "Albania" and its publisher Ylli Rakipi.

According to SEEMO's sources, over the past few months unidentified persons have attempted to prevent Rakipi and his newspaper from writing critical articles about Fatos Nano, chairman of the Albanian Socialist Party.

On 3 February, Fatos Nano allegedly asked a journalist to mediate an agreement with Rakipi under which Albania would stop writing critical articles about the chairman. When Rakipi categorically rejected this offer, he received anonymous death threats from persons who also threatened to bomb the newspaper's offices.

IPI and SEEMO also noted that only three months ago, on 8 November 2001, another publisher, Nikolle Lesi of the independent Albanian newspaper "Koha Jone", was physically assaulted in Tirana by an unidentified assailant, who also threatened him with a gun (see IFEX alert of 14 November 2001).

Recommended Action

Send appeals to the president:

- urging His Excellency to do everything in his power to bring to justice those responsible for threatening Rakipi and his newspaper, and to ensure the safety of all journalists working in Albania

- respectfully reminding him that it is the duty of the state to provide an environment in which media professionals are able to carry out their duties without fear of attack

Appeals To

His Excellency Rexhep Meidani


Tirana, Albania

Fax: + 355 42 236 925

Please copy appeals to the source if possible.


International Press Institute
Spiegelgasse 2
1010 Vienna
ipi (@) freemedia.at
Phone: +43 1 5129011
Fax: +43 1 5129014

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