4 May 2011

Rory Peck Awards for freelance camera operators open for entries

Freelance camera operators from around the world are invited to submit entries for the 2011 Rory Peck Awards, which honour the best freelance footage in news and current affairs - especially in regions where it is difficult to gather news. The closing date for entries is 6 June 2011 - an earlier date this year.

Awards will be given in three categories: best coverage of on-the-day news, best feature, and best humanitarian footage that has had an international impact or contributed to a change in perception or policy (the Impact Award). Work must have been broadcast between 1 August 2010 and 31 May 2011.

The 2008 Rory Peck Award winner, Tim Hetherington, was killed in Misrata, Libya, on 20 April 2011.

For more information and eligibility, see
The Rory Peck Trust website

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