1 January 2010

Alerts - 2010 - Balkans

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22 October 2010


Police protection provided for TV B92 journalist after threats

A suspended police officer has threatened journalists Sonja Kamenkovic and Ivan Popovic on several occasions.
15 October 2010


Journalist reports alleged death threat from mayor's son

Reporter Jaka Elikan had been conducting investigations into Electa, a company owned by prominent businessman Jure Jankovic.
13 October 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Political party places reporting ban on TV channel

Alternativna Televizija received a memo prohibiting it from accessing and even reporting from the election locations.
8 October 2010


Concerns grow about anonymous death threats to newspaper staff

The threats appear to have been prompted by the cover page of the weekly "Novosti", which refers to an incident in which two Croatian military aircraft collided and crashed.
7 October 2010


"Blic" newspaper correspondent physically assaulted

Gvozden Zdravic was photographing the courthouse in Aleksandrovac when the mayor's driver ran out of the courthouse and punched him several times in the head.
1 October 2010


New bomb attack on home of radio journalist

An explosive device was thrown into the courtyard of the house belonging to Caslav Milisavljevic, editor-in-chief of Radio Kosovska Mitrovica.
30 September 2010


Journalists under siege after publishing articles on "Meat Affair"

Sergej Trajkovic and Tomislav Kukec published a series of articles about alleged expired meat sold on the consumer market.
29 September 2010


Vijesti Publishing Group journalists receive threatening letters

Zeljko Ivanovic, Slavoljub Scekic, Balsa Brkovic, Ljubisa Mitrovic and Milan Popovic received letters by post containing threats such as "It is over, you are next", according to IPI.
13 September 2010

Kosovo (Serbia)

Klan Kosova television journalist and cameraman attacked

The two media workers were filming at a school when they were attacked by the school's principal.
30 August 2010

Kosovo (Serbia)

IPI alarmed at limitation on freedom of movement of Kosovo journalists

Several journalists and media representatives working in Kosovo have been denied a passport because they are under police investigation.
27 August 2010


Organisation claims responsibility for murder of journalist, threatens media

The rise of an organisation proclaiming its intention to "make blood flow", leaving "not a millimetre of safe refuge in the lives" of journalists, should set alarm bells ringing," IPI said.
11 August 2010


IPI alarmed at limitation on freedom of information imposed by mayor of Zajecar

Mayor Bosko Nicic decided to prevent all directors of companies and public institutions in the city from making statements to the media without his prior consent.
9 August 2010


Journalist's attackers arrested

In light of the arrests and the fact that Teofil Pancic's attackers belong to one of the country's extremist organisations, the local press and numerous national press organisations are demanding a ban on fascist, neo-Nazi and racist groups.
9 August 2010


Seemingly positive media developments a step in right direction, says IPI

The alleged perpetrators of a brutal attack on journalist Teofil Pancic have been captured.
27 July 2010


ANEM strongly condemns attack on journalist Teofil Pancic

The absence of an appropriate state response and the creation of an atmosphere of fear further encourages potential attackers, said ANEM.
27 July 2010


IFJ hails verdict on media law as a "victory for press freedom"

The Constitutional Court of Serbia has issued a landmark decision rejecting repressive amendments to the Public Information Act.
21 July 2010


Bomb attack on radio journalist's home

An explosive device was thrown in the courtyard of Caslav Milisavljevic's home, but fortunately no one was hurt.
20 July 2010


Investigative reporter gunned down in Athens

Sokratis Giolias, director of the private radio station Thema 98.9 and contributor to the popular online news blog Troktikos, was about to publish results of an investigation into corruption.
14 July 2010


Journalist on trial over article about Greek volunteers' role in Bosnian massacre

A criminal complaint was filed against journalist Takis Michas in July 2009.
12 July 2010


Adopted law on electronic communications a threat to freedom of expression, says IPI

The new law would create a database of citizens' personal information and security forces would be able to view it without the need for prior permission.
23 June 2010


Court fines Top Channel TV for airing alleged sexual harassment scandal tape

A Tirana District Court ruled in favour of a claim filed by former Albanian minister of culture Ylli Pango against the television station.
2 June 2010


Two years after brutal attack on "Jutarnji List" journalist perpetrators still at large

In 2008 journalist Dusan Miljus was brutally attacked by unidentified men who beat him with baseball bats until he lost consciousness.
27 May 2010


ANEM urges government to appoint director of company tasked with assisting transition to digital broadcasting

ANEM appealed to the authorities to appoint the director without further delay in order to safeguard the media and protect citizens' right to access information.
19 May 2010


IFJ condemns television call for violence against journalists

A broadcaster issued a list of targeted journalists, accusing them of being traitors and calling for their "liquidation".
7 May 2010


Journalists from Republic of Macedonia/FYROM denied entry into Bulgaria

Several journalists from TV Sonce were on their way to cover a celebration until customs officials stopped them from crossing into Bulgaria.
30 April 2010


Alleged political pressure at public broadcaster Radio Televizioni Shqiptar

Diana Kalaja was dismissed from her position as deputy director-general without advance notice.
23 April 2010


Court dismisses all charges against football hooligans who threatened B92 journalist

Disregarding serious threats to journalists' safety endangers freedom of expression and democratisation of society, says ANEM.
23 April 2010


Novi Pazar mayor's office interfering in TV station's editorial stance

ANEM protest pressure being brought on TV Jedinstvo by the municipality of Novi Pazar.
21 April 2010


Journalist sues Council of Ministers over refusal to disclose information

Ministers had previously refused to provide information on expenses during trips abroad by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.
19 March 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Journalist's car set on fire in Doboj

Rade Tesic from "Euroblic" recently wrote about a number of topics that have provoked some fierce reactions.
16 March 2010


French foreign minister refers to Voice of America reporter as "sick" and "insane"

IPI condemns the manner in which the minister behaved towards Budimir Nicic in the town of Gracanica.
26 February 2010

Kosovo (Serbia)

"Koha Ditore" journalist allegedly threatened over critical reporting

Prior to the threats, Vehbi Kajtazi wrote a critical article about the amnesty for a group of prisoners, including the son of a former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commander.
22 February 2010


BGNES news agency journalist allegedly threatened while reporting on case

Ivan Yanev was investigating the murder of a policeman in the village of Enina when he was threatened by a police spokesman.
18 February 2010


City of Pirot withdraws financial support for Serbian weekly "Pirotske Novine" after critical reporting

The newspaper published a report that questioned the mayor's spending habits.
11 February 2010


Journalist hit with hammer against head

Veliko Tarnovo was hit on the head with a hammer by a construction entrepreneur whom he was about to interview regarding complaints about building contracts.
10 February 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Police assault journalist

Journalist Osman Drina was reporting on the first women's basketball league in Bosnia Herzegovina when he was verbally and physically assaulted by policemen.
5 February 2010


IPI condemns Molotov cocktail attack on TV SKAT

The station's offices in Varna were attacked with a Molotov cocktail the day after a similar attack on the head office in Burgas.
4 February 2010


Serbian minister for infrastructure assaults "Kurir" journalist

The media reported that the minister slapped journalist Milan Ladjevic in the face as he talked to fellow journalists.
3 February 2010


Serbian Orthodox priest threatens journalist

Journalist Aleksandra Delic was threatened over her critical reporting about the owners of the weekly "Glas Podrinja".
29 January 2010


IPI concerned about safety of journalist Lidia Pavlova

Pavlova has been living under constant threat since she began reporting on the "Galevi" case.
26 January 2010


Weekly "Vranjske" subjected to political pressure after publishing critical articles

All public institutions managed by a local political party have been prohibited from advertising in "Vranjske" and the weekly has been subjected to numerous inspections.
25 January 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina

IPI strongly condemns police raid on premises of BN Television in Bijeljina

The police could have handled the situation in another way instead of blocking scheduled programming, says IPI.
22 January 2010


IPI condemns series of attacks against journalists

In the most recent incident, sports reporters covering the AEK-Olympiakos Championship football match in Athens were violently beaten.
15 January 2010


Radio K2 threatened with closure

Station's treatment may be politically and economically motivated, says IFJ.
5 January 2010


Chronicler of criminal underworld is shot dead

CPJ called for an investigation into the murder of Bobi Tsankov, author of a new book and a series of newspaper articles detailing the activities of reputed crime figures.
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