10 November 1998


Radio Campus-Bruxelles transmitter seized

Incident details


(AMARC/IFEX) - The following letter to Madame Laurette Onkelinx,
Ministre-Présidente de la Communauté Française, was issued by AMARC Europe
on 9 November 1998:

Dear Madam Laurette Onkelinx,

I am writing on behalf of the European Section of the World Association of
Community Radio Broadcasters to express our concern following news that the
transmitter of Radio Campus-Bruxelles was seized on Thursday 5 November by
order of the Council of State following a request by the Flemish community.

This lack of co-ordination between the French-speaking and Flemish community
has meant that Radio Campus again has suffered from the mistakes of a
Community policy for which it is not responsible.

Radio Campus-Bruxelles is a university-based independent radio station which
has been operating since 1980. Since it was established, more than 150
volunteers have been involved in the radio station. It is widely recognised
as an important contributor to the freedom of expression offering diverse
programming to alternative sections of the community and is a huge promoter
of pluralism and diversity in the media. Radio Campus-Bruxelles also plays
an essential role for the students at the University who rely on the radio
station to further and develop their skills in radio broadcast journalism.
The radio station provides an excellent tool to facilitate the relationship
between the University and the city.

Community radio plays a social role in informing and educating the
population and provides the right of access to minority and marginalised
groups otherwise poorly represented in the media.

We therefore strongly urge that Radio Campus-Bruxelles be allowed to resume
broadcasting and that all seized equipment be returned

Yours sincerely,

Brian Carty


Similar appeals can be sent to:

Appeals To

Madame Laurette Onkelinx
Ministre-Présidente de la Communauté Française
Place Surlet de Choquier 15
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Fax: + 32 22 18 72 07

Please copy appeals to Radio Campus-Bruxelles + 32 2 650 3463 or
rcampus@resulb.ulb.ac.be and to the source if possible.


World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters
705, rue Bourget, bureau 100, Montreal
Qubec, H4C 2M6
secgen (@) si.amarc.org
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