23 October 2012

Shot fired at journalist's home in Bolivia

Source: National Press Association

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Humberto Vacaflor Ganam, Journalist

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(ANP/IFEX) - 17 October 2012 - A bullet from a military-style weapon was fired at the home of journalist Humberto Vacaflor Ganam, in the city of Tarija. The police did not carry out an investigation to find out who was behind this attack, the second against the journalist in two years, reported Vacaflor.

On 11 October 2012, Vacaflor found the copper bullet that had pierced the door of his home and immediately asked the local police to investigate. A police official made a number of excuses, including lack of time, which meant police never went to collect evidence at his home. The police also asked Vacaflor to bring any suspects to the police station himself. As a result of the police's negligence, Vacaflor has decided to make his case public.

In 2010 another projectile was launched at his home and police did nothing on that occasion to ascertain who was responsible. Vacaflor, a well-regarded columnist for a variety of media outlets in Bolivia, has questioned the policies and actions of the government. He says that in retaliation, the government had him fired from some media, and he received threats and insults through social media and by phone. "My political position is well-known. I was the first to warn that this government was becoming 'crooked'." He said some colleagues who had supported him in the past have had a change of heart.

ANP condemns the attack and reiterates its support for freedom of expression, the press and opinion, rights that are all upheld in the Constitution.

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