6 November 2008


Journalist detained for distributing letter about judge prosecuting her case

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Beth Prata



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(IPYS/IFEX) - On 30 October 2008, journalist Beth Prata was detained for distributing, in the streets, a letter criticizing the conduct of Judge João Carlos Corrêa, who is prosecuting her in several defamation and slander cases against Prata. Prata works for Radio Búzios FM Online and the newspaper "Sol de Búzios". She was released on 31 October thanks to a writ of habeas corpus presented by her attorney.

The order for her detention was issued by the local prosecutor, who stated that Prata went against regulations when she revealed details of an unfinished trial.

According to her attorney, Wanderley Rebello de Oliveira, the letter was a summary of a suit presented by Prata in March 2007 against Corrêa before Rio de Janeiro's Justice Tribunal. According to Prata, Corrêa was biased. Corrêa filed a suit against Prata for defamation and slander after Prata made the accusation public. The case is still open.

During the last few years, Corrêa has been in charge of prosecuting Prata in cases of defamation and slander after suits were filed by politicians she has denounced in her reports. Prata also faces another trial for defamation, this time by her former business partner, Ruy Borba, owner of the newspaper "Primeira Hora", where she also used to work.

This alert was prepared by IPYS with information provided by the Brazilian Investigative Journalism Association (Associação Brasileira de Jornalismo Investigativo, ABRAJI).


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