Harnessing Celebrity Support

How Celebrity Support Can Strengthen a Campaign

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Why Use Celebrities

Celebrity sells. A celebrity endorsement of your campaign can make a real difference in terms of media coverage, public awareness and pressure on the relevant organisations. Celebrities set an example that people can follow and can add unique value to your organisation.

The positive benefits of celebrity endorsements include:The first questions are:Factors to consider are:

Which Celebrities Can Help You

Each celebrity you consider will present certain advantages and disadvantages. Before approaching celebrities, weigh up their motivations, how much effort you estimate maintaining their interest will require and how much you believe they will serve your cause.

Recruiting a Celebrity

Celebrities and their agents receive requests for them to endorse charities and appear in advertising campaigns everyday. Your organisation’s approach should be subtle but persistent and your campaign well packaged if you are to encourage celebrities to respond.

The first step is to make contact:Once you make contact, explain what your organisation does and what is involved in your celebrity proposal:Once you secure a celebrity’s backing, make them feel that their contribution matters:

How to Use Their Support

Give celebrities a range of options in terms of their involvement. Sometimes a statement is enough – you can put that on a press release. Obviously the best case scenario is if they pledge their full support but there are plenty of ways they can get involved. Be creative in your thinking. Remember that celebrities are very busy people so something that does not need to be too time-consuming is more likely to get some input. Some suggestions are:

Potential Pitfalls of Celebrity Support

Also, while many charities enjoy successful relationships with their celebrity endorsers, some problems have been known to arise. Ensure that your organisation considers the possible pitfalls of celebrity endorsements.



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