Harnessing Celebrity Support

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Amnesty International Campaigning Manual: A reference book that aims to pass on the experience of 35 years of AI campaigning for the protection and promotion of human rights. Although this manual is primarily written for AI campaigners, it should be useful for all those involved in the movement and perhaps for some people in other campaigning organizations.

Attracting and keeping celebrity support (Media Trust): An online guide.


Amnesty International: A series of videos and written statements in which celebrities talk about different human rights abuses around the world, featured in Light in the Darkness and Cry for Justice.

Angelina Jolie’s Story (United Nations): Hollywood actor becomes UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

Celebrities Speak Out for Civil Liberties in New ACLU Advertising Campaign (American Civil Liberties Union): An announcement about a campaign using celebrities to promote free speech.

Jubilee 2000: Campaign for the relief of third-world debt using U2 lead singer Bono as a spokesperson.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: Use of celebrities in a variety of campaigns, from advertising to musical DVDs to a celebrity vegan cookbook.
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