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1 March 2009

Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia

From the symbols to the streets, campaigning gets creative in Central Asia

Cartoonists and writers are raising awareness of free expression issues in Central Asia this week by competing in essay and caricature contests launched by IFEX members and partners in the region to commemorate World Press Freedom Day.
1 January 2009


The Media Institute takes action against the Kenya Communications Act 2008

Journalists, free expression advocates and media owners in Kenya got some bad news at the beginning of 2009, after they learned that President Mwai Kibaki had signed into law a contentious media bill that imposed new restrictions on the press. But thanks to an immediate and massive campaign launched by IFEX member the Media Institute and the Kenya Editors Guild (KEG), President Kibaki directed the Attorney General and the Information Minister to review the bill and facilitate its return to parliament for debate.
1 October 2008


IFEX members take action to protect journalists against violence in Mexico

Under the slogan "What you don’t know can hurt you”, ARTICLE 19 and the National Center for Social Communication (CENCOS) have launched the Permanent Campaign to Protect Journalists in Mexico on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
1 August 2008

Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong and beyond: Committee to Protect Journalists' blogging makes an impact

CPJ’s Bob Dietz was on the ground in Hong Kong when John Ray, a reporter for ITV in England was hauled off by Chinese police while covering a peaceful protest in Beijing. He posted on the CPJ Blog about China’s “tough talk” the next day, as officials denounced the arrest of Ray and admitted he was working within the rules afforded him as a journalist. Though positive, Dietz wrote that it was “too little too late” and kept the pressure on Chinese and Olympic officials to respect media freedom.
1 May 2008

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Joint action by IFEX members incites government action

Sri Lanka has long been considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for practising journalists. In early 2008 this already perilous situation escalated, with the media suffering increasing cases of intimidation from the government. In May, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and more than 45 international organisations responded to the situation by launching the campaign, "Stop the War on Journalists in Sri Lanka". The campaign calls for the government to honour the constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of expression by protecting and supporting its journalists.
1 March 2008


International mission and local members fight back in face of media crackdown surrounding elections in Nepal

As Nepal headed into constituent assembly elections on 10 April, press freedom violations continued unabated across the country, despite a government promise earlier this year to "take seriously" the safety of media workers.
1 January 2008


IFEX members collaborate and advocate to stop violence against Somalia's journalists

2007 was a brutal year for Somali journalists: nine reporters were killed, 53 media professionals were arrested, and five media houses were closed down, reports the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ). Press freedom violations skyrocketed by over 85 percent from the previous year, as political unrest and civil war escalated.

Take Action!

Ahmed Mansoor remains on hunger strike in poor conditions as eyesight deteriorates

  • Take action to help save the life of imprisoned human rights defender and blogger Ahmed Mansoor

IFEX Member Campaigns

VIETNAM: IFEX members call for release of 13 Vietnamese activists Thirty IFEX members protested the sentencing of bloggers, citizen journalists and rights activists, jailed for up to 13 years in the biggest ever trial of pro-democracy activists in Vietnam.
14 January 2013 INTERNATIONAL: Joint letter to Skype calls for greater transparency In an open letter to Skype, numerous journalists, activists and NGOs urge it to be more transparent about the confidentiality of Skype conversations and about its data protection and retention policies.
29 January 2013 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: UAE accuses 94 Emiratis of conspiring to sieze power After more than 6 months without any judicial proceeding for some of the detainees, the Emirati nationals are accused of charges including “communicating with individuals and international and foreign entities and establishments based outside the State in order to distort the image of the State.”
28 January 2013 BAHRAIN: President Obama urged to help release Bahraini human rights defenders and activists In a letter to the US President, 40 human rights organisations called for US support to release 13 Bahrainis, unjustly jailed by the Bahraini government, one of the strongest allies of the US in the region.
18 January 2013

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