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The Action Alert Network (AAN) is the vehicle through which IFEX's member organisations provide the network with urgent appeals concerning threats to independent media, journalists, writers and free expression advocates that, in turn, the IFEX Clearing House edits and distributes worldwide. Highly publicised alerts have in some cases caused governments to back down from introducing repressive legislation and, in others, helped free journalists, writers and free expression advocates from detention, or even helped save their lives.

This section contains instructions concerning IFEX member submissions to the Alerts team. Included here is a list of the standard information required for all alerts and a step-by-step guide to designing effective alerts, both of which offer guidelines that can be used by any organisation writing short news pieces. As well, there are sample alerts, an alert format template and a checklist to be used before distributing alerts.
Click here to download the IFEX Alerts Training Manual
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