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The following is a standard template of an IFEX Alert:

The date that you are sending the alert

Indicate the most salient new development(s), for example: Detained editor-in-chief goes on hunger strike

Paragraph 1: Introduction
Briefly state the incident, as well as the place, date and time of the violation. Include the names of individuals, publications or other targets. Briefly state who is responsible for the violation.

NOTE: Provide full names of political organisations, movements, etc., in addition to acronyms. Remember that you are writing for an international audience.

Paragraph 2: Description of the incident
Provide further context to the incident, as well as a more detailed description of the violation and motive, if it is known. Include quotes from authorities, witnesses or representatives from your organisation. Provide concise explanations of the facts.

NOTE: Remember to specify sources.

Paragraph 3: State the FoE link
Identify the freedom of expression link. Is the violation clearly linked to the media profession or a freedom of expression issue? What prompted the violation? (i.e. an article, investigation, political affiliations, opinions or attitudes held by the individual or publication, etc.).

Paragraph 4: You organisation's stance on the issue
Verify that your organisation's stance on the issue (condemnation, support, etc.) is clear.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion
Are there any legal implications? How does the violation impact the general FoE situation in the region?

Optional: Recommended action
Actions recommended may go beyond expressions of protest and include strategies for putting pressure on a violator. Always include names, addresses, and especially fax numbers, including the country and area codes, of government officials or appropriate non-governmental bodies to contact.

Indicate who should receive copies of protest letters (i.e. opposition parties, other media, etc.)

Contact information: Include your organisation's contact information at the end of the alert, for example:

For further information, contact Adil Soz, Bogenbay batyr, 142, Office 828, Almaty, 480100, Kazakhstan, tel/fax: +7 7272 911670 / 501025 / 501043 / 501051, e-mail: info (@) adilsoz.kz, kaleyeva (@) adilsoz.kz, Internet: http://www.adilsoz.kz

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