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Reporting with a Gender Perspective

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IFEX encourages members to monitor and report on violations that affect women's abilities to express themselves freely. As such, when preparing alerts or reports, IFEX members should consider taking gender issues into account. This includes addressing how a violation has differing effects on men and women journalists and to raise awareness of ways in which the freedom of expression of women journalists or activists, or of women's organisations and media outlets, is affected. Certain types of violations in particular, such as assassinations or sexual abuse, have gender implications. It is crucial to clarify why the alert is both a freedom of expression violation and a gender violation.

Some examples of alerts that also incorporate gender issues:

a) A women's rights activist is detained,

b) The editor of a women's magazine is arrested over critical or controversial reports,

c) A female journalist is detained and threatened with sexual assault,

d) A male journalist faces legal prosecution after publishing an article in favour of greater gender equality,

e) An unidentified caller threatens to rape the sister of a critical journalist,

f) A journalist is on trial for criticising a judge who said that women are responsible for the country's social problems,

g) A female news anchor is fired or forced to resign because of her style of dress or because she refuses to cover her hair,

h) A group issues a report about gender discrimination and women's rights as it relates to free expression,

i) A report on reproductive rights is suppressed or censored.
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