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Check List for Draft Alerts

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1. Are the names of all of the victims, and their institutional affiliations (name of media outlets or NGO, etc.), if any, clear and consistently spelled?

2. Have you indicated in the body of the text the dates (exact or at least approximate) and places of all the key events referred to?

3. Does your title clearly indicate the most salient new development(s)?

4. Is it clear why the incident referred to is a violation of freedom of expression (or, in limited situations, a violation of access to information)? If the victim has been kidnapped or murdered, is it at least clear that FoE-related motives should not be discarded yet?

5. Are all organisations mentioned referred to by their full names (not just acronyms) the first time you mention them?

6. Is your organisation's stance (condemnation, support, etc.) on the development clear?

7. Have you checked the IFEX website and the websites of other members likely to cover this case, to see if they have already distributed an item on it? If they have, do you have any new analysis or facts to contribute? If you do, have you placed that information at the top of your draft alert, or is it buried near the end?

8. Does your information contradict previously released information on the developments in this case? If so, have you addressed that problem in your draft alert?

9. Have you provided enough context for a person who knows very little about your country to understand the situation?

10. If your draft alert mentions several victims, are you providing genuinely new factual information or analysis about all of their cases?

11. If you are including a recommended action, do the telephone and fax numbers include the correct country code and area codes? Have you identified the positions held by the authorities to whom you are asking readers to write?

12. Have you checked the punctuation, grammar and spelling?

13. Is your draft alert under 750 words (1.5 pages)?

14. If you are also preparing an English, French or Spanish version that will arrive a few hours later, have you indicated at the top of your alert "English/French/Spanish version to follow"?

When E-mailing Your Draft Alert (for IFEX members only)

1. Always send your draft to alerts@ifex.org

2. Make sure that your e-mail message subject line contains:
• your organisation's acronym
• the name of the country the incident referred to in your draft alert occurred in,
• the title of your draft alert

For example,
CENCOS Mexico: Periodista desaparece en Monterrey
BIANET Turkey: Journalist acquitted of "attacking the military"

3. Paste the text of your draft into the body of the e-mail message (avoid attachments)

4. After sending a draft, check your inbox for queries from IFEX. Please respond promptly to queries from IFEX Alerts staff.
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