Media Strategy

Making a Press Kit

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A press kit is a collection of information provided to reporters at media events, such as press conferences. Press kits can also be sent to reporters who were invited to a media event, but did not attend.

They are an important tool, as both a way for your organisation to frame your coverage and an invaluable resource for media. However, in order for press kits to be useful, you should insure that they are timely and as concise as possible.

There are two types of press kits that are useful for freedom of expression groups:
  1. A generic press kit for your organisation.
  1. A press kit focused on a specific issue.

A press kit usually takes the form of a folder that opens up to reveal two pockets.

The right pocket contains the key information. This may include:
The left pocket contains background information.
Please note that it might also be useful to include a media section on your organisation’s website that includes this information as well.
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