18 September 1997


Extension of sentences served against writer Zhou Guoqiang and editor Liu Nianchun

Incident details

Zhou Guoqiang, Liu Nianchun

legal action

(WiPC/IFEX) - Writer Zhou Guoqiang and editor Liu Nianchun
reportedly had their sentences extended in early 1997 by 288 days
and 216 days respectively for "refusing to reform themselves".

**Updates IFEX alerts dated 23 September and 12 March 1996 (Zhou

Background Information

Zhou Guoqiang was sentenced without charge or trial on 3
September 1994 to three years' re-education through labour for
taking part in "anti-government activities" (see IFEX alerts).
Liu Nianchun was arrested on 21 May 1995 and sentenced to three
years' re-education through labour for taking part in events
commemorating the June 1989 democracy protests. (The case of Liu
Nianchun was previously unreported on the IFEX network.)

Recommended Action

Send appeals to authorities:

  • protesting the extension of the sentences served against
    writer Zhou Guoqiang and editor Liu Nianchun
  • pointing out that the two men appear to be detained in
    violation of their right to freedom of expression as guaranteed
    by Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of
    Human Rights
  • requesting their immediate and unconditional release

    Appeals To

    Premier Li Peng
    Office of the Premier
    9 Xihuangcheggenbeijie
    Beijingshi 100032
    People's Republic of China
    Fax: +86 1 512 5810 or +86 10 6467 7351

    Jiang Zemin
    State Council
    Beijing 100032, PRC
    Fax: +86 10 6512 5810

    His Excellency Minister of Justice Xiao Yang Buzhang
    Ministry of Justice
    Beijingshi 100016, People's Republic of China
    Fax: +86 10 6467 7351

    your diplomatic representative in China

    the Chinese diplomatic representative in your country

    (in Canada)
    Embassy of the People's Republic of China
    515 St. Patrick St.
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1N 5H3 Canada
    Fax: +1 613 789 1911

    Please copy appeals to the source if possible.

  • Source

    International PEN
    Writers in Prison Committee
    International PEN
    Brownlow House
    50-51 High Holborn
    London WC1V 6ER
    United Kingdom
    wipc (@) internationalpen.org.uk
    Fax:+ 44 0 20 74050339
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