10 June 2009


Journalist and community leader killed in Caquetá department

Incident details


Hernando Salas Rojas, Journalist

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(FLIP/IFEX) - Hernando Salas Rojas, director of the Curillo municipality's local television station, in Caquetá department, was murdered on 20 May 2009. According to sources consulted by FLIP, unknown individuals burst into the journalist's home and fired several shots at him.

Salas, who also previously worked in radio, was a community leader and the president of a committee calling for the recall of the local mayor, Esneider Mayorga. According to FLIP's sources, Salas's murder may be linked to his political and community-related activities.

FLIP sent its condolences to the journalist's family and friends. The organisation called the assassination a serious affront to freedom of expression and urged the Attorney General's Office to investigate the incident and ensure that those responsible are identified. FLIP will continue to monitor the case.


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