1 June 2005


A team of investigative reporters at Costa Rica's daily newspaper "La Nación" have been awarded a journalism prize for revealing how foreign corporations illegally bribed three former Costa Rican presidents.

Giannina Segnini, Ernesto Rivera and Mauricio Herrera are the winners of the 2005 prize for Best Investigative Report on Corruption in Latin American and the Caribbean.

Awarded annually by Transparency International (Latin America and the Caribbean) and the Institute for Press and Society (Instituto Prensa y Sociedad, IPYS), the prize honours journalists in the region who expose corruption. The winner of the first prize receives US$25,000. Runners-up receive US$5,000.

The Costa Rican journalists revealed that Alcatel-CIT of France and the Finnish company Instrumentarium Medko Medical funneled illegal payments to Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Rafael Ángel Calderón and José Maria Figueres, all former presidents of Costa Rica.

For more information, visit:
- Transparency International: http://www.transparency.org/pressreleases_archive/2005/2005.05.10.press_tilac_award_eng.html- IPYS: http://www.ipys.org

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