10 August 2004


New developments in case of disappeared journalist Guy-André Kieffer

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Guy-André Kieffer



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(RSF/IFEX) - RSF has welcomed the 4 August 2004 arrest in Paris of an Ivoirian Finance Ministry official who has been linked to the 16 April disappearance of freelance reporter Guy-André Kieffer in Abidjan.

The official, Léonard Guédé, better known as James Senaque, was on a visit to Paris when he was detained on the orders of Patrick Ramaël, a French judge who has been investigating the case. Senaque was placed in police custody for questioning about Kieffer's disappearance. His Paris home was also searched.

"We welcome this new development in the investigation, which clearly shows that Judge Ramaël is using all of his prerogatives in order to shed light on the case," RSF said. We applaud the judge's tenacity and courage, as he has had to deal with many obstructions in his investigation and received death threats during his most recent visit to Côte d'Ivoire."

Senaque was released on the evening of 5 August. His testimony corroborated that of leading witness Michel Legré, notably in the names of persons allegedly involved in Kieffer's kidnapping. The official also admitted that he had publicly threatened Kieffer in the company of National Investment Bank Director Victor Nembelissini, shortly before the journalist's disappearance.

During their search of Senaque's Paris home, the police also found a very complete file on Kieffer on the official's computer.


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