1 July 1996


Authorities shut down news program "Slikom na Sliku"

On 1 July 1996, Croatian authorities cancelled the television
news program "Slikom na Sliku" ("Frame by Frame"), which airs on
state-owned HTV. Journalists at the program stated that officials
from HTV, which is the only nation-wide television channel in
Croatia, informed the program's editor that HTV would no longer
air "Slikom na Sliku." No reason was given for the decision.

"Slikom na Sliku", which has been running since January 1992 and
airs five times a week, is a 45-minute program which re-
broadcasts news items from abroad and airs interviews with
current newsmakers. It was the only television news program to
cover the June 1996 trial of "Feral Tribune" journalists Viktor
Ivancic and Marinko Culic, who were charged with slandering
Croatian President Franjo Tudjman (see IFEX alert dated 14 June
1996 and others).

Recommended Action

Send appeals to authorities:

  • expressing concern that "Slikom na Sliku" is being taken off the
    air for political reasons
  • urging them to put a stop to this and other attacks on the press
    in Croatia and ensure that "Sliku na Slikom" be allowed to
    continue broadcasting

    Appeals To

    His Excellency Franjo Tudjman
    President of the Republic of Croatia
    Zagreb, Croatia
    Fax: +385 1 443 075/444 532/456 5188

    Mr Zeyno Luzavec
    Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communication
    Prisavlje 14
    10000 Zagreb, Croatia
    Fax: +385 1 611 0691

    Minister of Internal Affairs
    Mr Ivan Jarnjak
    Ministarstvo za unutraSnje poslove Republike Hrvatske
    Savska cesta 39
    10000 Zagreb, Croatia
    Fax: +385 1 443 715

    Vlatko Pavletic
    President of the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia
    Fax: +385 1 443 124

    Please copy appeals to the originator if possible.

  • Source

    Committee to Protect Journalists
    330 7th Ave., 11th Floor
    New York, NY 10001
    info (@) cpj.org
    Fax:+1 212 4659568
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