12 February 1998


Editor of "L'Alarme" arrested

Incident details

Bonsange Yema



(RSF/IFEX) - According to information received by RSF, Bonsange Yema, editor
of the newspaper "L'Alarme", was arrested at his home on 7 February 1998.
Yema is being detained at National Police Headquarters in Kinshasa. His
arrest was in connection with the publication, in the 7 February 1998
edition of "L'Alarme", of a press release demanding the release of Joseph
Olenghankoy, president of the Forces novatrices pour l'union et la
solidarite (Innovative Forces for Union and Solidarity, FONUS) opposition
party, who had been arrested on 20 January 1997 in Kinshasa.

Zaire has ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in which
Article 19 guarantees the right to "impart information and ideas through any

Recommended Action

Send appeals to authorities:

  • demanding them to respect and ensure respect for their international
  • appealing to them to do whatever is necessary to obtain the release of
    Bonsange Yema and to ensure that journalists have the freedom to practice
    their profession

    Appeals To

    Mr. Laurent-Desire Kabila
    President of the Democratic Republic of Congo
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    Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo
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    (in Canada)
    Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo
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    Fax: +1 613 747 9152
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