11 January 2012


2011 Concluyó con un total de 156 agresiones en contra de medios y periodistas

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(Fundamedios/IFEX) - Quito, 3 January 2012 - From 1 January to 31 December 2011, Fundamedios registered a total 156 aggressions against the media, journalists and members of the public who were exercising their right to freedom of expression. May and June where the months in which the most aggressions were registered, totaling 21 cases each month. Fundamedios has reported 432 attacks over the four years it has been operating.

According to the records, most of the aggressions were initiated by public officials; 82 cases in total. Of these 82, the President of the Republic was the source of 18.59%. Meanwhile, the State was the source of 30 cases of free expression rights infringements carried out through abusive administrative, legislative or judicial measures. Fundamedios reported that in 2011 most of the attacks against the press came about through arbitrary fiscal and judicial decisions - 50 cases in total, representing 32% of all free expression violations. In this category, the organization included charges or accusations related to crimes of opinion. Verbal attacks amounted to 22.04% of all attacks.

Fundamedios verified that most of the aggressions occurred against radio, press and television communicators, adding up to 42.9% of the grand total (67 cases), followed by attacks against the media, which amounted to 25% of the cases (39 in total).

Pichincha was the province where the most aggressions were reported; 67 cases in total, or 42.95% of the grand total registered. That province was followed by Guayas with 38; Manabí with 8; and Sucumbíos and Esmeraldas with 6 each.

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