1 July 1996


Political group issues threats to journalists and media outlets

On 26 June 1996, an underground right-wing political group sent a
communique to several media outlets in San Salvador containing
death threats directed at several journalists, priests and
politicians who were accused of being behind a "frantic
opposition" campaign against the government of President Armando
Calderon Sol.

The group, called the Fuerza Nacionalista Mayor Roberto
D'Abuisson (FURODA), is named after the deceased founder of the
ruling National Republican Alliance (ARENA) party, and is
dedicated to defending the "honour" of ARENA as well as members
of the government.
"We have patiently endured the systematic attack by a frantic
opposition which, under the guise of being just and protective of
the people, is actually attempting to destabilise the republic
and discredit the legitimately and duly elected government," the
communique stated.
FURADO specifically threatened the evening newspaper "Diario
Latino", radio stations "Sonora" and "Mayavision", as well as
journalist Mauricio Funes, the news director of Channel Twelve
television as well as El Salvador correspondent for the Cable
News Network (CNN). FURADO also mentioned the "pernicious foreign
media which conveys a false image of El Salvador and its
government," warning that "every time [the foreign media] spreads
disinformation, it will result in an act of sabotage on our

Recommended Action

Send appeals to authorities:

  • expressing concern over the communique, indicating that it
    constitutes an attempt to infringe upon the right to freedom of
    information and expression
  • calling for an immediate and exhaustive investigation of FURADO

    Appeals To

    His Excellency Armando Calderon Sol
    President of the Republic
    Presidential House
    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Fax: +503 281 0018/0017 or +503 271 0950

    Please copy appeals to the originator if possible.

  • Source

    World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters
    705, rue Bourget, bureau 100, Montreal
    Qubec, H4C 2M6
    secgen (@) si.amarc.org
    Fax:+1 514 8497129
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