22 January 1998


Garaudy's trial is based on racist ideas and is a violation of freedom of opinion and expression

Incident details

Roger Garaudy


legal action

(EOHR/IFEX) - The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) is
extremely worried
about the trial of the French thinker Roger Garaudy before a court in France
by virtue of a law called Fabious-Gibseau. This law punishes with fines and
imprisonment those who deny that Jews were killed in holocausts by the
Nazis, a charge which Garaudy faces for his book "The Founding Myths of
Israeli Politics". A committee has been formed by the Arab Lawyers Union to
defend him before the court.

The EOHR believes this trial to be a flagrant violation of freedom of
opinion and expression guaranteed by international human rights instruments.
The trial also reflects the double standards used by some countries in
dealing with human rights causes. A thinker is put on trial
and the public opinion is incited against him merely for discussing
historical events, while actual crimes perpetrated by Israel against
Palestinian and Arab peoples are faced with absolute silence.

The EOHR appeals to the international, Arab and French public opinion as
well as to the international human rights movement to stop this trial and
all other trials held on the basis of racist ideas and in violation of
freedom of opinion and expression. The EOHR announces its support of the
French thinker Roger Garaudy and defends his right to express his opinion. It
also calls on the international community to investigate the actual crimes
committed by Zionism against humanity.


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