4 November 2010


Managing editor released from prison

Incident details


Jean-Yves Ntoutoume, Editor

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(RSF/IFEX) - Reporters Without Borders welcomes the 31 October 2010 release of Jean-Yves Ntoutoume, managing editor of the privately-owned newspaper "Le Temps". Ntoutoume had been detained in a Libreville prison since 26 October, and was released after paying the remaining balance of a fine stemming from a four-year-old conviction.

"On a judicial level, I feel free," he told RSF two days after his release from prison, "but financially, we are in a difficult situation. We had to borrow money, and subsidies allocated to our newspaper are continuously decreasing. Justice is not impartial. Funding is granted on an arbitrary basis, and we tend to publish critical opinions. We receive less money than other newspapers that have no offices and only very few employees."


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