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IFEX Strategy Conference concept note 2019


We need to shake things up!

IFEX, a global network of over 100 organisations dedicated to the promotion and defense of freedom of expression, is made up of tireless activists - journalists, artists, digital advocates, legal experts and human rights defenders who make it their work to keep freedom of expression on the global radar and call out those who would compromise these rights.

Did we say tireless activists?... let's face it… in the current context we really mean tired… in fact, exhausted! The current attacks on press freedom, increased violence against the media, the closing of civic space, criminalisation of dissent etc. has put huge stress on our organisations and those involved at so many levels.

We hear it often - “the current situation is impossible, our campaigns aren't working, everything is an uphill battle.” So, what are we going to do about it?

Have a conference, of course!

And what better place than in lively, creative, künstlerisch, Berlin!

The 2019 IFEX Strategy Conference is designed for participants to step out of their realities, meet colleagues, hatch plans and know they are part of a collaborative network that supports their efforts and looks out for them. The idea is to offer a dynamic space for creative dialogue about our work. We will be joined by activists, journalists, artists, publicists and politically engaged people from within and outside our network who will help us explore new concepts and challenge our assumptions.

It will be a tonic, an event that invites people to turn things upside down, hear new voices and introduce innovative ways to look at our work in order to keep changing the world.

Our idea is that people will leave feeling invigorated, inspired and motivated to put all these creative approaches to practical use right away!

Help us shake things up and join us in Berlin on 8-9 April 2019.

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