27 October 1998


Turkish journalist barred from village

Incident details

Lutfu Karakas



(GHM/IFEX) - On 10 October 1998, Lutfu Karakas of the Turkish Hurriyet Press
Agency, a Turkish citizen, and Mucahit Dukkanci, a Greek citizen,
journalist, and at the time, candidate for mayor in the Turkish minority
community of Myki (Thrace), were taken into custody by local police. They
were told that the village was in a restricted zone where foreigners were
not allowed without a special permit granted by the Greek Defense Ministry.

In 1995, Greece had announced that it had abolished the 10 km-deep zone,
located inside the Greek-Bulgarian border area but only in the region
inhabited by the Turkish minority. The Xanthi District Police Director
informed the journalists that in fact, the abolition applied only to Greek
citizens. He also asked the journalist to stay within the Xanthi city
limits. The next day the journalist returned to Turkey. Throughout his stay,
the Turkish journalist was followed by security agents. This was meant to
assure "his protection", according to the agents.


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