22 July 1996


Two Palestinian journalists badly beaten

Source: Palestinian Media Monitoring Centre (an IFJ project),

On 19 July 1996, Israeli settlers who clashed with Palestinian
villagers in the village of Karyout (a village under Israeli
control in the north of the West Bank) attacked two Palestinian
cameramen working for foreign television stations. The cameramen
were filming the clashes.
An Associated Press (AP) cameraman who witnessed the incidents
said settlers attacked Worldwide Television News (WTN) cameraman
Abdel Rahman Khabissa. They reportedly beat him on the head and
back with sticks, and broke his camera. The witness added that the
settlers then turned to Hassan Titi, a cameraman with Reuters TV
who was filming the beating of Khabissa, and started beating him.
Khabissa had to be hospitalised in Hadassa Hospital in Jerusalem.
About 150 Palestinian villagers held protests to call for the
return of land by Israel.

Recommended Action

Send appeals to Israeli authorities:

  • denouncing these incidents
  • calling on them to take severe measures against Israeli settlers
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