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About IFEX membership

Being an IFEX member means participating in a dynamic global network of free expression groups committed to promoting and defending the vision, mission and values of the network.

The International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) strives for a world where freedom of expression is defended, respected and upheld.

As the leading global network defending and promoting freedom of expression, IFEX enhances its members' work by creating distinct opportunities for capacity building, joint advocacy and increased visibility.

IFEX Network Values
IFEX commits to being a network that is:
• Democratic: equity in relations and exercise of power through consultative and participatory decision-making
• Member-Driven: IFEX members define IFEX direction and priorities
• Diverse: respect for the distinct social, political and cultural context of each member of the IFEX network
• Collaborative: acknowledging the strength, impact and overall value added that result from members working together
• Accountable and Transparent: respect for all network policies, decisions and commitments, including legal and financial responsibilities
• Equitable: integrating gender equality into IFEX policies, programmes and project

Membership in IFEX is open to independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisations whose work focuses significantly on promoting freedom of expression and who have the capacity to engage and/or participate in the IFEX network. An organisation's eligibility will be reviewed subject to the membership eligibility guidelines.

General membership in IFEX is open to organisations that meet the eligibility criteria. Any network or affiliation, some or all of whose member organisations belong to IFEX, must demonstrate the ability to act independently of its members in order to be considered for general membership.

In exceptional cases, where an organisation shares the values and mandate of IFEX but does not qualify for general membership, it may be considered for Associate membership. Networks or affiliations that do not meet the requirements for general membership could be considered for associate membership.

IFEX Membership Benefits
IFEX members gain credibility by being part of an already-established and internationally recognised network that has existed for almost 20 years.

Information and Awareness Raising
IFEX is a one-stop-shop for information that profiles the work and voices of its members in a variety of ways. Alerts are prepared daily for an international audience and distributed in English, French, Spanish and Arabic as well as highlighted in the IFEX Digest, a weekly online summary of alerts issued in English, French and Spanish. The weekly IFEX Communiqué spotlights the top stories in free expression news and is distributed in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

Campaigns and Advocacy
Opportunities are provided to engage in important campaigning and advocacy initiatives through an international community including: coordinated campaigning and lobbying activities; campaigning and advocacy tools; advice and support from the IFEX Clearing House; and links to support from other members.

Organisational Development and Support
The network provides support to: regional initiatives; skills exchange opportunities between members; direct support to members through training, grants and fundraising assistance and a variety of networking opportunities.

Becoming an IFEX member
If your organisation is interested in becoming an IFEX member, click here to find out more.

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