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(January 2012)

Membership in the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) is open to independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisations whose work focuses significantly on promoting freedom of expression and who have the capacity to engage and/or participate in the IFEX network. An organisation’s eligibility will be reviewed subject to the membership eligibility guidelines. (IFEX membership is not open to individuals.) If your organisation is interested in becoming a member please read the following carefully.

Steps to applying for IFEX membership
1. Review our website to familiarise yourself with our work, members, programmes and information products
2. Read the section called ABOUT IFEX MEMBERSHIP
3. Read about and review the fee structure for membership
4. Request a membership application form

Note: IFEX reviews applications for membership once a year. The next opportunity to apply is January 2012.

1. Review our website
We encourage you to find out more about the IFEX network by checking out the different sections of our website. Below are a few of the areas that will help you become more familiar with IFEX and its work:

About IFEX - Who We Are and What We Do
Read about our history and current programmes:

IFEX Members
IFEX numbers 90 independent organisations worldwide and is internationally recognised as a highly credible and effective global network. See our members’ page for a complete listing of current IFEX members:

IFEX Governance and Structure
IFEX has a 13-member governing board, the IFEX Council, and is guided by a set of governance articles. To find out more, read IFEX's Governance Articles.

Information Products
IFEX runs the world’s most comprehensive free expression information service. To read the latest news, see:
IFEX Communiqué:
IFEX Digest:

All e-mail products are FREE. Subscribe to get the latest news via email: or RSS feed:

Campaigns and Advocacy
Putting violators on notice that the worldwide free expression community is watching, is at the heart of IFEX’s campaigns and advocacy work. Learn more about our members' activities here:

2. Read the section of the website called ABOUT IFEX MEMBERSHIP

3. Read about and review the fee structure for membership
To be in good standing and to enjoy the rights of IFEX membership a member must remit an annual fee based on their budget for freedom of expression work. Below is grid to assist in this fee calculation:
Organisational Budget for Free Expression Work Membership Fee
Up to US $10,000 Membership Fee Waived
US $10,000 to $50,000 US $100
US $50,000 to $100,000 US $500
US $100,000 to $250,000 US $1,000
US $250,000 to $500,000 US $1,700
US $500,000 to $1 Million US $2,100
Over US $1 Million US $2,500

4. Fill out the IFEX Application for Membership form:
Click here for a sample of the IFEX Membership Application form. To request the very latest form please contact membership (@)

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About IFEX Membership:

Being an IFEX member means participating in a dynamic global network of free expression groups committed to promoting and defending the vision, mission and values of the network. IFEX members gain credibility by being part of an already-established and internationally recognised network that has existed for 20 years. To find out more about IFEX membership click here.
IFEX is a global network of committed organisations working to defend and promote free expression.
Permission is granted for material on this website to be reproduced or republished in whole or in part provided the source member and/or IFEX is cited with a link to the original item.