7 May 2009


Election watchdog calls for transparency regarding fiscal verification of non-governmental organisations

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(IJC/IFEX) - 30 April 2009 - The Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections - Coalition 2009 - calls on the Main State Tax Inspectorate of the Republic of Moldova to ensure transparency regarding the fiscal verification of non-governmental organizations which were active during the 2009 elections.

On 30 April 2009, Coalition 2009 sent the Main State Tax Inspectorate an official inquiry under the Law on access to information no. 982 of 2000, requesting information on fiscal controls recently ordered by this public institution with regard to several non-governmental organizations active during the electoral campaign, including member organizations of Coalition 2009.

Thus, Coalition 2009 addressed to the Main State Tax Inspectorate several inquires, including the following:

- What are the NGOs subjected to tax control in this period and under which criteria were they selected for verification?
- What is the purpose of these tax checks and based on which decisions were these carried out?

(. . .)

We would like to remind that recently the Main State Tax Inspectorate ordered simultaneous fiscal controls of a number of civil society organizations which were active during the election campaign, through media monitoring, independent election observation and civic education activities.

For additional information please contact the Secretariat of the Coalition 2009 at: +373 22 23 53 43 / ext. 108, e-mail: info@alegeliber.md, contact person - Nicolae Panfil, Secretary of the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections - Coalition 2009.
Coalition 2009 is a voluntary union of non-governmental organizations, aiming at contributing to the conduct of free, fair, transparent and democratic elections of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. Coalition 2009 continues the efforts of civil society to contribute to the conduct of free and fair elections started by Coalition 2005 and Coalition 2007. Currently the Coalition includes more than 70 member NGOs.



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