20 May 2010

Take action!

Send letters to authorities in support of imprisoned journalist Ernest Vardanean

via Novy Region
(IJC/IFEX) - The Independent Journalism Center from Moldova invites you to write a letter under your organisation's name to authorities of the self-proclaimed Prednestrovian Moldavian Republic to express concerns over the imprisonment and persecution of Ernest Vardanean. Vardanean is an independent journalist who was arrested on 7 April 2010 in front of his house in Tiraspol and is accused of espionage and treason. He is still being held in pre-trial detention and neither him nor his wife have been allowed access to a lawyer.

You may follow the format of the letter below or come up with your own concerns.

Sample letter:

Dear Sir:
We, the Independent Journalism Center from Moldova, a nongovernmental organisation defending human rights and press freedom, would like to express to you our deep concern about the recent arrest of Ernest Vardanean in Tiraspol.

On 7 April 2010, a group of armed agents from PMR's Ministry of State Security (MGB) arrested Vardanean at his home in Tiraspol. Irina Vardanean, who spoke to the press after her husband's arrest, said the agents told her he was accused of committing treason, and faces between 12 and 20 years in prison if convicted. According to his wife's statement she was not granted access to see her husband, nor has he been given access to his lawyer.

We urge you to immediately release Ernest Vardanean and ensure the respect of his fundamental rights. We trust you will take our appeal into account and ensure that freedom of expression and opinion are respected in Transnistria.

Please send your letter to the following addressees:

Presidential Administration
Address: str. October 25, 1945
Tel: + 373 533 9457 6
Fax: + 373 533 9525 7
e-mail: p-slugba@yandex.ru

Anatol Kaminsky, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet
Address: str. October 25, 1945
Tel: + 373 533 6271 5; 94494
Fax: + 373 533 8051 7
e-mail: protokol2007@yandex.ru

Vladimir Belyaev, Minister of Information and Telecommunication
Address: str. Pravda, 31
Tel: + 373 533 8553 5
Fax: + 373 533 8553 5

Please copy IJC on your letters (mlu (@) ijc.md).

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