13 January 1995


Author Graa Boomsma (m) faces appeal against acquittal in face of threats; journalist Eddy Schaafsma's acquittal confirmed

**Updates IFEX CH alerts dated 3 August, 13 June, 24, 23 May 1994**

On 12 January 1995, the Leewarden Court heard an appeal against
the acquittal on charges of defamation in June 1994 of author
Graa Boomsma and journalist Eddy Schaafsma. Schaafsma was
acquitted; the verdict against Boomsma will be given on 26
January. If convicted, he will be given a 500 guilder fine or
five days in prison.
The case has gained a great deal of publicity in the Netherlands,
where up until now any criticism of the army's activities in
Indonesia during 1945-50 has been muted by fear of prosecution.
The defamation suit has been initiated by a small yet influential
group of war veterans.

Graa Boomsma has reported to the Dutch police threatening phone
calls to his home which he believe come from supporters of the
war veterans. Police are now monitoring telephone and will take
action against anyone identified as making threats.

Appeals To

Ms. W. Sorgdrager
Minister of Justice
Ministry of Justice
Postbus 20301
2500 EH The Hague
The Netherlands
Fax: +31 70 37 07 937

Recommended Action


International PEN Writers in Prison Committee
Brownlow House
50-51 High Holborn
London WC1V 6ER
United Kingdom
wipc (@) internationalpen.org.uk
Fax:+44 20 74050339
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