27 October 1997


"African Concord" Editor Soji Omotunde abducted by security agents

Incident details

Editor Soji Omotunde



(IJC/IFEX) - The Editor of the "African Concord" magazine, Soji
Omotunde, was abducted by security agents on 25 October 1997.
Omotunde was driving along a street in Ikeja, in mainland Lagos,
when his car was blocked by the agents' car and two men emerged
to confront him. The agents would not tell him the reason for his
arrest. He asked to be allowed to drive his own car to the place
they were taking him. They refused and an argument ensued. The
agents turned violent and Omotunde was pushed to the ground. He
was bundled into the car and his mouth was gagged, as he was
shouting to attract attention. He was driven to an unknown

In a statement, the Editor-in-Chief of "African Concord", Lewis
Obi, said the reason for Omotunde's abduction is a mystery since
the magazine has been off the streets for six weeks due to
pressures including the abduction and detention of Abuja Bureau
Chief Mohammed Adamu on 27 July in identical circumstances to
Omotunde's. (See IFEX alert 28 July 1997.)

The IJC says Omotunde's case is of particular concern because his
health is very fragile as a result of severe injuries he suffered
in a car crash in Akure, Ondo State, in January 1997. He has not
fully recovered. He walks with a cane and receives regular
medical attention.


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