27 October 1997


Security Agents storm "The News" offices searching for reporter Henry Ugbolue

Incident details

Henry Ugbolue


legal action

(IJC/IFEX) - Security operatives in Kaduna have intensified their
search for Henry Ugbolue, the Kaduna State correspondent for "The
News". Ugbolue was arrested on 10 October (See IFEX alert). He
was tortured and released. He was ordered to report daily to
Government House.

**Updates IFEX Alert dated 16 October 1997**

Security agents stormed Ugbolue's office three times last week.
They claimed Ugbolue was released on the condition that he report
to state security services offices the following day. However,
Ugbolue has gone into hiding. "We pleaded with our boss to
release him. Now he has refused to meet his side of the bargain.
We will deal ruthlessly with him," one of the operatives
threatened during their last call at Ugbolue's office last week.

According to IJC, viewed in context, Ugbolue's predicament is a
serious one. Baguada Kaltho, his predecessor in the Kaduna
office, disappeared while on duty in Kaduna in March 1996 and has
not been seen since. Kunle Ajibade, former editor of "The News",
who voluntarily reported back to the state security service
office in Lagos in 1995 was detained and jailed.


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