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3 June 2009


Obama should condemn free expression violations during visit

The Cairo-based Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) released its 2008 annual report on the worsening situation of free expression in Egypt ahead of U.S. President Barrack Obama's visit to the country.
27 May 2009


Journalists on trial for criticising Libyan leader

Five Moroccan journalists are facing trial in Casablanca for "publicly harming" Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and "hurting his dignity", report the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).
20 May 2009


Government behind campaign to destabilise media union

The Tunisian government is trying to undermine the journalists' union, just one tactic in its ongoing campaign to silence independent media, say the IFEX Tunisia Monitoring Group (TMG) and other IFEX members.
6 May 2009


Government threatens to dissolve EOHR

The Egyptian authorities are threatening to dismantle one of IFEX's members in Egypt, the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR), for having accepted unauthorised foreign funds to hold a regional conference on the right to access information, report EOHR, the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN).
6 May 2009


IPA awards 2009 Freedom to Publish Prize to OLPEC founders

Three of Tunisia's most recognised - and victimised - free expression defenders have been awarded this year's International Publishers Association (IPA) Freedom to Publish Prize.
22 April 2009


Press freedom abuses rise during elections

Press freedom violations have increased under Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, many occurring during this month's electoral campaign, say the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and Reporters Without Borders (RSF). Bouteflika was re-elected to a third term on 9 April.

Campaigns and Advocacy

13 May 2009


IFEX-TMG calls on president to end government interference in SNJT work

(IFEX-TMG) - On 13 May 2009, the IFEX-TMG wrote to Tunisian President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali urging him to end his government's interference in the work of the national journalists' union, the SNJT.
10 February 2009


Five IFEX members and other organisations condemn prison sentences for 38 demonstrators; call for an end to attacks on Kalima radio station

(CIHRS//IFEX) - The following is an 8 February 2009 joint action by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS), Arab Archives Institute (AAI), Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR), Maharat Foundation and 17 other organizations:
29 January 2009


IFEX-TMG members urgently call on authorities to immediately cease blockade of Radio Kalima, investigate abduction of journalist Dhafer Otay

(IFEX-TMG) - The following is an IFEX-TMG press release:
24 October 2008


TMG protests restrictions and attacks against rights defenders and websites

(IFEX-TMG) - The following is a 23 October 2008 IFEX-TMG press release:
29 September 2008


Joint Action: Thirty-seven IFEX members call for end to jailing of journalists under criminal defamation laws; conviction of journalist upheld by appeals court

(EOHR/IFEX) - The following is an appeal by 37 IFEX members calling for an end to the imprisonment of journalists under criminal defamation laws:
21 August 2008


TMG protests attack on journalist and representative of IFEX member group, Sihem Bensedrine at Tunis Airport

(IFEX-TMG) - The following is a 20 August 2008 IFEX-TMG press release:


EGYPT: Editor sentenced to six months in prison 25 June 2009 MOROCCO: Human rights activist sentenced to three years in prison 25 June 2009 EGYPT: Writer detained and prevented from travelling 22 June 2009 MOROCCO: Group sues independent journalist on behalf of Moroccan royals 17 June 2009 EGYPT: State security police force Internet café owners to report on customers visiting "political" websites 11 June 2009 ALGERIA: National daily's correspondent detained in eastern city 10 June 2009 EGYPT: Court upholds heavy fine against blogger 28 May 2009 EGYPT: Academic acquitted of charges in Hisba lawsuit, one of several he is facing 28 May 2009 EGYPT: Previously abducted blogger harassed by police 28 May 2009 EGYPT: Academic acquitted of charges of "abusing Egypt's reputation" 28 May 2009 LIBYA: Dissident, long imprisoned, is dead 22 May 2009 TUNISIA: Human rights defender harassed, threatened with death by police 22 May 2009 MOROCCO: Five journalists face charges of defaming Libyan president 22 May 2009 ALGERIA: Four journalists face legal action for "defamation" 20 May 2009 EGYPT: Security authorities confiscate book about corruption 20 May 2009 EGYPT: Blogger detained on charges of attempting to overthrow the government 19 May 2009 EGYPT: Government denies threatening EOHR with dissolution 14 May 2009 EGYPT: EOHR condemns detention of protestors and assault of journalists 7 May 2009 MOROCCO: New charges against detained activist 4 May 2009 EGYPT: EOHR under threat of dissolution 1 May 2009 EGYPT: Internet activist kidnapped, detained for three weeks 30 April 2009 EGYPT: Blogger detained since October 2008, church orders family to keep silent 29 April 2009 ALGERIA: Bouteflika urged to reverse Algerian press freedom abuses 23 April 2009 LIBYA: Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi launches legal action against three Moroccan newspapers 23 April 2009 EGYPT: Misdemeanors court acquits Cairo News Company and director of all charges 22 April 2009 MOROCCO: Appeal court increases sentence for blogger Hassan Barhoun 21 April 2009 ALGERIA: Two Moroccan journalists prevented from covering presidential election 16 April 2009 EGYPT: "Ibda'e" magazine licence cancelled; issue of "Share'e alsahafaa" newspaper confiscated 15 April 2009 EGYPT: Journalist and blogger Ahmed Seif Al-Nasr arrested in Fayoum 14 April 2009 ALGERIA: Current issues of three French publications banned on eve of presidential election 8 April 2009 EGYPT: Egyptian editor Khaled Hamza prevented from travelling; Tunisian journalist Siham Bensedrine denied entry into Algeria 6 April 2009 EGYPT: Author and publisher of "Metro", Egypt's first graphic novel, face up to two years in prison for material deemed "contrary to public morals" 31 March 2009 MOROCCO: Independent newspaper "Al-Jarida al-Oula" fined twice over the same article for "defamation" and "insulting judiciary" 27 March 2009 EGYPT: UN experts conclude blogger Kareem Amer is being arbitrarily detained, a violation of international human rights standards 25 March 2009 EGYPT: Imprisoned blogger Dia Eddin Gad mistreated after refusing to join political party as condition for his release 24 March 2009 ALGERIA: Authorities harass "El Watan" editor Omar Belhouchet 23 March 2009 TUNISIA: CAPSULE REPORT: CPJ urges president to improve press freedom record on 53rd anniversary of country's independence 23 March 2009 MOROCCO: Human rights activist Chekib el-Khayari still detained, under investigation for "undermining" state institutions, accepting foreign funds; local authorities block peaceful meetings to mobilise support 20 March 2009 EGYPT: Misdemeanors Court sets hearing for journalist Kamal Murad sentenced in absentia 19 March 2009 TUNISIA: Issue of "As-Sada" magazine banned, journalist Abdallah Zouari briefly detained in wave of increased police harassment against the press 19 March 2009 EGYPT: CAPSULE REPORT: CPJ calls on president to halt campaign against bloggers 16 March 2009 TUNISIA: Ex-political prisoner Sadok Chorou re-imprisoned for giving media interviews 13 March 2009 EGYPT: Blogger Mohammed Adel released 11 March 2009 LIBYA: Political prisoners Jamal al-Haji and Faraj Humaid released after spending two years in prison 11 March 2009 ALGERIA: Journalist Nedjar Hadj Daoud provisionally released but still facing six-month jail sentence 10 March 2009 MOROCCO: Journalist, blogger Hassan Barhoum sentenced to six months in prison and fined for denouncing corruption 9 March 2009 TUNISIA: Human rights lawyer and activist Mohamed Abbou again barred from leaving the country 4 March 2009 EGYPT: Imprisoned blogger Mohammed Adel's hunger strike raises concern for his wellbeing 4 March 2009 EGYPT: Security forces detain Internet activist Rami al-Swisi, third in less than a month 4 March 2009 ALGERIA: Ghardaïa court confirms six-month prison term against "El Waha" editor for defamation 4 March 2009