18 March 2003


The city of Stavanger in Norway has opened a new centre to support exiled writers and promote and monitor freedom of expression, Norwegian PEN has announced. Xpress will support writers who have sought asylum in Norway by helping them use their newly acquired freedom of expression through writing, films or theatre.

The centre will also serve as a cross-cultural bridge between visiting writers and the city of Stavanger. Currently, three writers from Iran, Chechnya and Yemen are living in Stavanger courtesy of the International Parliament of Writers' (IPW) Cities of Asylum program, an international network offering protection for persecuted writers.

Norwegian PEN says Xpress will monitor freedom of expression locally and internationally in co-operation with Index on Censorship, Amnesty Norway, Worldview Rights, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the IPW.

Visit these links:

- International Parliament of Writers: www.autodafe.org">http://www.autodafe.org/cities/network.htm">www.autodafe.org">http://www.autodafe.org/cities/network.htm">www.autodafe.org">http://www.autodafe.org/cities/network.htm">www.autodafe.org
- Norwegian PEN: www.norskpen.no">http://www.norskpen.no">www.norskpen.no">http://www.norskpen.no">www.norskpen.no">http://www.norskpen.no">www.norskpen.no
- Norwegian Helsinki Committee: www.nhc.no">http://www.nhc.no/engelsk/index.html">www.nhc.no

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