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IFEX Organisational Toolkit:

Financial Sustainability Plan

Ensure that your organisation survives and thrives by strengthening its fiscal framework. Click on the video link below to watch the webinar on Financial Sustainability Planning or download the toolkit below.
Video: Fundraising and Financial Sustainability Planning

Financial Sustainability Plan | Chapter One

The Big Picture

Why financial sustainability planning is important.

Financial Sustainability Plan | Chapter Three

Diversifying Revenue Sources

Diverse revenue sources support autonomy, flexibility and security. Find out how to diversify yours.

Financial Sustainability Plan | Chapter Five

Setting Aside Reserves

From developing a Reserves Policy to conducting a risk assessment, this section will equip you to help your organisation weather financial challenges.

Financial Sustainability Plan | Chapter Six

FSP References and Resources

Find out where else you can turn for tools, approaches and lessons learned that will assist you in strengthening your organisation’s financial sustainability.

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