8 March 2012

Campaigns and Advocacy

MADA calls for an end to all forms of discrimination against women journalists

(MADA/IFEX) - March 8, 2012 - To mark the occasion of International Women's Day, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedom, MADA, would like to begin by offering warm wishes to Palestinian women and women around the globe, especially journalists, congratulating them on their accomplishments in all professional fields.
Women have made great achievements in all levels of the professional world, and have most certainly made their mark on Palestinian media, despite the myriad obstacles they have had to face, in the form of societal repression and the continued challenges of working under the Israeli Occupation.

Therefore, MADA would like to express its pride in the high level of professionalism these Palestinian women have achieved in the field of journalism. Many of them have won local, regional and international awards, despite the many challenges the have faced in their work, be it in the press, radio, or television. MADA would further like to emphasize the need for an end to all violations against journalists, not only in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, but in all countries of the world.

Finally, MADA demands an end to all forms of discrimination still practiced against women, clearing the path ahead of them and allowing them the opportunity to take positions of leadership in the institutions of the media.


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