22 October 2008


Journalists assaulted by lawyer

Incident details

Enrique Acosta, Nelson Esquivel, Silvino García



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(SPP/IFEX) - The following is an abbreviated version of a 21 October 2008 SPP press release:

Lawyer assaults journalists
SPP condemns assault on journalists in Ciudad del Este

The SPP condemns the cowardly assault by lawyer Américo Ayala on journalists Enrique Acosta and Nelson Esquivel, of the Ciudad del Este-based regional daily TN Press. On 15 October, Ayala assaulted Acosta, hitting him in the face. He subsequently assaulted Esquivel and also directed his anger at another media worker, Silvino García. The lawyer apparently was upset over negative coverage about him in TN Press.

The SPP considers Ayala's assault on the journalists to be an attack on freedom of expression and an attempt to restrict press freedom. The organisation intends to file a complaint about the assault with the appropriate authorities and will also call for measures to be implemented to avoid future attacks on media workers.


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