16 September 1997


Journalist arrested for alleged defamation

Incident details

Guido Lombardi



(IPYS/IFEX) - Journalist Guido Lombardi was detained on 11
September 1997 and taken to the Hall of Justice (Palacio de
Justicia) to make a statement in regard to defamation charges
filed against him. Lombardi was arrested at 10 am after leaving
the office of Radio Programas del Peru, in Santa Beatriz
(Cercado), to have breakfast at a well-known restaurant.

Lombardi explained that he is being tried for alleged defamation
of Pablo Espinoza, who considers damaging certain information
which arose from a report, originally broadcast in 1996 on the
program "Panorama", which was about drug trafficking in the Madre
de Dios zone of Peru. Lombardi used to be host and director of
"Panorama", which is broadcast by Panamericana Television.

After making statements about the complaint in the office of
judge Rosaura Romero of the 35th Criminal Court in Lima, Lombardi
criticized the behaviour of judicial police, who later apologized
for the reportedly aggressive manner in which he was arrested.
Lombardi claims to "have been improperly arrested." As well,
Minister of the Interior Jose Villanueva met with Lombardi to
apologize for what happened.


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