22 September 1997


Police seize six rolls of films from Associated Press photographer

Incident details

Ricardo Choy



(IPYS/IFEX) - At the request of brothers Samuel and Mendel Winter, police
seized six rolls of film taken by Association Press (AP) photographer
Ricardo Choy. (The courts recently granted the Winter brothers control of
the Frecuencia Latina/Channel 2 television station; see IFEX alerts.)

**For background to Frecuencia Latina/Canal 2 case, see IFEX alerts of 19
and 12 September, 29 and 6 August, 24, 15 and 14 July, 3 June and 29 May

On 19 September 1997, the journalist took photos of the Winters entering
Channel 2. One of the brothers asked a police officer accompanying them and
a judge in the take-over of the station to search the photographer. Police
complied, found six rolls of film on Choy and confiscated them.

AP protested to authorities. First, five of the six rolls were returned to
AP developed. The sixth was the only one which had photos of the Winter
brothers entering the television station. In the space of another two days,
at AP's further insistence, the remaining photos were given back to the
news agency.

Recommended Action

Send appeals to authorities below:

  • protesting the incident and urging that such attacks on freedom of
    expression not be repeated

    Appeals To

    Ing. Alberto Fujimori Fujimori
    Palacio de Gobierno
    Plaza de Armas
    Lima 1, Peru
    Fax: +511 4266770 (or via the presidential press secretary +511 4266535)

    General EP Cesar Saucedo Sanchez
    Minister of the Interior
    Ministry of the Interior
    Lima 1, Peru
    Fax: +511 2242407

    Please copy appeals to the source if possible.

  • Source

    Instituto Prensa y Sociedad
    Sucre N° 317
    Barranco, Lima
    postmaster (@) ipys.org
    Fax:+51 1 2473194
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