23 September 1997


Advances in investigation into phone tapping

Incident details


(IPYS/IFEX) - Investigations into phone tapping have advanced by
50%, assured ad hoc Public Prosecutor Victor Hugo Salvatierra on
16 September 1997, after receiving further proof of the tapping,
contained in the "Plan Emilio-Proyecto Especial 12" and which was
broadcast on 14 September on the Frecuencia Latina television
program "Contrapunto" (see IFEX alert). He stated that the proof,
which was delivered to his office due to it not being sent to the
station's office, would be very useful in identifying those
responsible for the phone tapping.

**Updates IFEX alert dated 16 September 1997; for background, see
IFEX alerts dated 26 August, 21, 15 and 14 July 1997**

"Following a quick analysis that I made of the documents
delivered to me, I can say that they are important; however, I
want to verify, beyond the source, if they really correspond to
what is indicated and to the individuals connected to the
documents, since there are names that, for reasons of secrecy,
not even [Frecuencia Latina] has felt should be exposed," said
Salvatierra. He added that he could not currently ascertain if
this new proof would help the investigation along because to do
so would be mere opinion. However, he acknowledged that it was
going to facilitate and contribute to the investigation, for
which he thanked "Contrapunto" journalists Roxana Cueva, Luis
Iberico and Gonzalo Quijandria for their collaboration.

After indicating that the investigation could go on for another
two months, Salvatierra revealed that statements of high-ranking
individuals had been taken, althought he refused to specify if
they were representatives of civil or military institutions,
"because the case is being carried out in absolute secrecy." Upon
being questioned if he had called or would call head of National
Intelligence Serice (Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional, SIN)
General Julio Salazar Monroe or SIN's government representative,
Vladimiro Montesinos, Salvatierra was evasive, saying only that
he could not comment on the matter. "If I believe it necessary, I
will call not only Vladimiro Montesinos but also General Salazar
Monroe and anyone else I need to from SIN, military intelligence,
the air force or the marines," he emphasized.

In speaking about the investigation, which has been going on for
two months, Salvatierra stated that about fifteen to twenty
smaller judicial inquests had been done but which, because of the
secrecy of the case, journalists were not allowed to attend.
Salvatierra mentioned that he had turned to the head of the
Ministry of Transportation and Communications in order to verify
the possible existence of phone tapping equipment.

Finally, Salvatierra announced that he had called Cueva in for a
meeting on 23 September, since she reported the details of the
phone tapping contained in the Plan Emilio.

Recommended Action

Send appeals to authorities:

  • urging a thorough investigation into the telephone tapping

    Appeals To

    Carlos Torres y Torres Lara
    President of Congress
    Lima, Peru
    Tel: +511 4266030
    Fax: +511 4266161

    Miguel Aljovin Swayne
    Public Prosecutor
    Lima, Peru
    Fax: +511 4264429

    Victor Hugo Salvatierra
    Ad hoc public prosecutor [for phone tapping case]
    Lima, Peru
    Fax: +511 4264429

    General EP Cesar Saucedo Sanchez
    Minister of the Interior
    Ministry of the Interior
    Lima 1, Peru
    Fax: +511 2242407

    Please copy appeals to the source if possible.

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