20 October 1997


Journalist Eduardo Parado Samaniego killed in a Sendero ambush

Incident details

Eduardo Parado Samaniego



(IPYS/IFEX) - Journalist Eduardo Parado Samaniego, 28 years old,
was killed in an ambush by Sendero Luminoso on 14 October 1997.
Parado Samaniego was a radio journalist and had directed the news
program `The world in 60 minutes' on Radio Marginal in the
district of San Martin de Pangoa, Satipo since 1993.

He divided his time between work as a journalist and as a farmer
on land he had in El Palomar, which is located 8 hours from San
Martin de Pangoa. In this area of the central jungle, all farmers
are required to belong to the civilian farmer patrols. As a
result, Parado was sent to accompany a Peruvian army patrol which
left from various locations to attack a Sendero camp located in
the Alto Potsoteni and Rio Chiquireni zone.

On Tuesday 14 October at 8:30 they were ambushed near the right
bank of the Sonomoro River by a patrol of the terrorist group
Sendero Luminoso. Two were killed, including the journalist
Eduardo Parado Samaniego. These events came to light on 16
October when the body was brought to the anti-subversive base in


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