11 February 1998


Attacks against journalists

Incident details

Carlos Miranda Arroyo, Robin Hood Ipanaque, Pedro Maguina Calderon, Juan Huaman Campomanes, Hernan Toledo



(ANP/IFEX) - The mayor of the city of Huaras, Waldo Ríos Salcedo, has
been perpetrating and promoting a series of physical attacks and threats
against journalists who are carrying out their work in the
afore-mentioned capital of the department of Ancash.

The attacks began in the middle of January 1999, when anonymous
pamphlets were circulated, attacking the personal and family life of
journalists Carlos Miranda Arroyo and Robin Hood Ipanaque, of the
"Vision Alegria" radio, and of Pedro Maguina Calderon, director of the
"Ya" newspaper, all three of whom are investigative reporters.

On 29 January, attacks were made against Juan Huaman Campomanes,
reporter for Vision Alegria, and Hernan Toledo, cameraman for ATV
Huaras. A tape recorder that was being used by Campomanes to carry out a
series of interviews was seized, and Toledo was impeded from completing
his filming.

On 3 February, the municipal official attacked the communication media
and independent journalists for having criticised his conduct. On that
same day, he prevented them from entering a press conference that had
been convened by Vision Alegria radio journalists Arroyo, Ipanaque and

In the past week, mayor Salcedo orally communicated to the directors of
Vision Alegria radio, Justo Bulnes Garcia and Alberto Bulnes Sotelo,
that he was allowing them until 15 February to cease emitting
journalistic statements against his conduct.

On Friday, 5 February, the Huaras mayor continued his attacks, by making
a jab at AMR-TV press director Hernando Vega Pacahuala, when the latter
required an interview with the mayor.

On 9 February, Huaras journalists carried out a demonstration in protest
of the mayor, demanding that attacks against freedom of the press be

Recommended Action

Send appeals to authorities:

  • urging that the free exercise of the journalistic profession be
    guaranteed and that access to sources of information be respected

    Appeals To

    Alberto Fujimori
    President of the Republic
    Fax: +005114 266770, 266535

    Jorge Santistevan de Noriega
    Fax: +005114 267800

    Miguel Aljovin Swayne
    Attorney General
    Fax: +005114 262474

    Huaras Municipality
    Waldo Rios Salcedo
    FAX: +005144 721471

    Please copy appeals to the source if possible.

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