27 October 1998


Harassment of Baruch Ivcher continues as new case opened

Incident details

Baruch Ivcher



(IPYS/IFEX) - IPYS reported on 21 October 1998 that a new case was opened on
20 October against Baruch Ivcher, former owner of the Frecuencia
Latina/Channel 2 television station. Ivcher is charged with allegedly
adulterating the books in order to transfer twenty shares in the television
station over to his daughters. The trial, in which Ivcher has been asked to
appear in court, was opened by Lima Tax Court Judge Nicolás Trujillo Lopez
after charges were filed by public prosecutor Hilda Valladares, which IPYS
says makes it likely the case will move through the courts as quickly as the
case involving the Ivcher-owned Paraíso company (see below.) The case also
names Ivcher's wife, Noemy de Ivcher, former station managers Alberto
Cabello Hurtado and Julio Sotelo Casanova, and lawyer Benjamin Lazo Cieza.
The defendants will have to answer to specific charges of acting against the
public faith, misappropriation, falsifying documents and generic falsity,
but basically they are accused being responsible for the doctoring of one of
Frecuencia Latina's sets of books in which the transfer of shares from
Ivcher to his four daughters is recorded. Noemy de Ivcher's lawyer, Emilio
Rodríguez Larrain, entered as evidence a letter from early 1997 in which
Ivcher's daughters are recognised as shareholders in the station; he also
denounced the intimidation he himself has suffered for verdicts which have
gone in favour of the Ivcher family in past cases.

**For background to other cases against Ivcher, see the following IFEX
alerts: 15, 6 July 1998 and 19 September 1997, and others (Channel
2/citizenship revoked); 16 and 2 September, 18 August and 6 July 1998
(Paraíso mattress company case)**

Background Information

This is the latest in a series of cases against Ivcher, who has become a
target of the government. In July 1997, he was stripped of his Peruvian
citizenship and of the ownership of Frecuencia Latina/Channel 2, it is
thought because of the critical stance of the station. A new trial was
opened against him on 30 June 1998 on charges that his Paraíso mattress
company evaded taxes - charges which were also related to another tax fraud
trial which was ongoing against him (see IFEX alerts.)

Recommended Action

Send appeals to the Supreme Court President:

  • urging full transparency and due process for Ivcher in the new trial
    he is

    Appeals To

    Victor Raúl Castillo
    President of the Supreme Court
    Lima, Peru
    Fax: +511 4268851

    Please copy appeals to the source if possible.

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