27 October 1998


Threat Journalist Cecilia Valenzuela threatened

Incident details

Cecilia Valenzuela


(IPYS/IFEX) - Journalist Cecilia Valenzuela told IPYS that, around noon on
26 October 1998, she received an envelope at home which had Peruvian
Congress letterhead on the outside. IPYS was shown the envelope. It
contained a blank piece of paper on which the message "You are going to die,
bitch" was spelled out in letters cut out of local newspapers.

**For past threats against Valenzuela, see IFEX alerts of 29 May 1998, 25
August 1997, 7 August 1997 and others; for details on the cancellation of
her programme, see supplementary IFEX alert of 27 October 1998**
Two weeks ago, the television network Channel 9 stopped airing the programme
Sin Censura (Without Censorship), which Valenzuela hosted. The show had
aired several reports on government corruption and on the intelligence
services. Most recently, Valenzuela questioned some aspects of the peace
negotiations with Ecuador.

Background Information

IPYS points out it is not the first time Valenzuela has been threatened (see
IFEX alerts.)

Recommended Action

Send appeals to President Fujimori:

  • asking for an investigation and seeking guarantees for Valenzuela's

    Send appeals to the Ombudsman:

  • asking him to call for an investigation into these threats

    Appeals To

    President Alberto Fujimori
    Lima, Peru
    Fax: +511 4266770 (or Press Office fax +511 4266535)

    Jorge Santisteban de Noriega
    Lima, Peru
    Fax: +511 4266657

    Please copy appeals to the source if possible.

  • Source

    Instituto Prensa y Sociedad
    Sucre N° 317
    Barranco, Lima
    postmaster (@) ipys.org
    Fax:+51 1 2473194
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